Unleashing the Power of Positive Leadership

Improving Employee Engagement through Positive Supervision and Leadership

Almost 50% of employees are disengaged in many of today’s businesses. This fact increases the risk of productivity losses, safety issues, quality slippage and especially job satisfaction. These risks result in real costs for your business. This session will help you to recognize the importance of being a more positive role model as a supervisor or leader. This brand new keynote is ideal for conferences and management retreats. Dave will provide insights into how to better deal with it all.

What you will learn

  1. Emotional mirroring and the ripple effect of your emotions
  2. Understanding different behaviours and motivators
  3. Key factors that keep people engaged and productive
  4. Three steps to stay positively focused
  5. Individual improvement strategy

Why this Workshop is important

Your participants will have a better awareness of the importance of employee engagement in their organization. It will help them to understand some of the personal differences in their people and to create a simple strategy to improve engagement with those employees.

Participant Comments

“Every Tim Hortons manager, supervisor or owner should take this.” – Karen Hebb – Tim Hortons Owner

“Dave has really helped us with our Employee Engagement process.” – Steve C. – Cruickshank Construction

“Any Association will benefit from this session, I would recommend it.”  – Dr. Al Bates, Profit Planning Group

“Dave’s presentation is extremely relevant and anyone will come away with a fresh perspective.”

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