Online Sales Coaching

Improving your Sales Success

Sales People who focus their efforts and learn to “connect” to their prospect’s inner motivation will guarantee their success in the future. Our sales coaching process matches the fast pace of today’s sales people with results that will help them succeed sooner.

Remote Sales Skills Development

Dave Neely uses a unique remote coaching process that includes an online behavioural assessment, a 60 minute phone/online coaching session and an optional follow up session. The process is designed to help each sales person align their style with their prospects and prepare for many of today’s challenges such as remote prospecting, and connecting to the Millennials (GenY).    Remote Coaching provides rapid, productive feedback while saving travel and time away from work. Most importantly, it will make you money.

The following assessments are available for this process:

  1. Talent Insights – It will help you to understand your own behaviours and motivation as well to connect better with your sales prospects. To view a sample assessment
    Talent Insights Sales
  2. Talent and Emotions – This report will illustrate the impact your Emotional Intelligence has on your core behavioral style as well as your top two motivators. To view a sample:TriEQsales – Driving Forces
  3. Introductory Special  – 10% off, Includes One Free Assessment and Debrief until May 15, 2020    View Flyer 2020 Latest Sales Coaching

Why this process is important for you

“The problem that you will face is that you are trying to attract and communicate with a prospect that no longer exists – The world has changed!”

Participant Comments

“We had all of our Sales People complete the on-line assessment as part of our Sales Conference. Dave was able to help us to have one of the best meetings ever. We plan to use this information on a regular basis to provide better, more effective coaching to each Sales Rep.”

– Casey, ABB Canada

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