Influencing Behaviour and Engagement in People

Fuel Engagement in yourself and others!

We are in a fast food world and quick solutions are always welcome. With the increase in using technology and the decrease in available time, there is an increasing human tendency to rely upon proven shortcuts. This workshop will help you to understand these shortcuts which can be used to improve your business.

The presentation is ideal for conferences and employee retreats. Dave will help you to understand three layers of motivation which we are all influenced by.

4 Behavioural Styles – The DISC Model
6 Attitudes and Values – Inner Motivation
6 Hidden Influencers – Subconscious Motivation

He will provide insights into how these three layers can be utilized to fuel engagement and commitment for the people you deal with. He will also help you to build a defense against the influencers when used by others.

Take it from an expert

Dave has been and speaker and trainer since 1986. His first
conference speech was based on Robert Cialdini’s book on the subject of Influence. Dave has reprised the subject with a brand new approach to today’s environment. He will share his vast experience in dealing with the important issue of staff and customer engagement.
For more info: 2017-influencing-behaviour-and-engagement
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Why this topic is important

This session will help you to increase customer or staff commitment. It can be tailored for Franchises, Sales People, Managers, Coaches or Teams.  

Available in 45-90 minute or full day versions

Participant Comments

“Dave’s presentation was an entertaining, much needed reminder,
filled with plenty of humour and tools to help!”

“Dave is an inspiring person to spend an hour with; uplifting and

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