NEW – Re-Energize Your Team in Changing Times : Customized for you

Improving Teamwork Through More Positive Interaction

This workshop will help your team to be at their best in these changing times.
We can help you to  Re-Connect, Re-Energize and Re-Engage your team.

Even in a Hybrid workplace,  people must act as a cohesive team.  We can help you to make it happen.

In today’s work environment, managers and employees alike are being called upon to do more with less. In order to do so, they must act as cohesive teams. This process will improve your ability to become more intentional and productive with each other whether it is face/face or online interaction. This session will help you to recognize the importance of being a more positive role model in order to have more engaged and productive team members.

What you will learn
1. Common dysfunctions of a team
2. Understanding HOW and WHY people do things
3. Adapting to different personality styles and driving forces
4. Effective communication techniques
5. Key factors that keep people engaged – Dealing with the ‘Great Resignation’ and ‘Quiet Quitting”
6. Individual improvement strategy

Course Dates – TBA or upon demand 

For more details,  see the FlyerRe-Energize Your Team 2023B.docx

NEW Online Public Version An introduction to the process
Half-day introduction Feb 21 2024 from  8:30 to Noon,  – Call for details

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