NEW – Coping with Stressful Situations

Helping you to deal more effectively with the stressors in the new work environment. This one-day Emotional Intelligence module focuses on your personal mental or physical well-being and on dealing with difficult people.

Emotional Intelligence –  Dave Neely will share his perspective on the roller coaster ride in today’s online world. He will provide insights into how to become more resilient.

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Dave will improve your ability with stressful situations such as:
– Hybrid Workplace
– Social Isolation
– Job Insecurity
– ZOOM Fatigue
– Brain Burnout and more ...




4 signs of emotional distress.
Physical: Low energy, aches and pains, frequent illness
Emotional: Irritability, feeling overwhelmed, moodiness
Cognitive: Inability to concentrate, memory problems
Behavioral: Eating/sleeping issues, procrastination
Are any of these affecting you?

About The Facilitator
Dave Neely is a Kingston-based speaker and training consultant. You will enjoy his passion and practical insights into human behavior.  He will share many experiences in dealing with life and his proven Emotional Intelligence strategies for staying positive no matter what life hands you. The session will leave you inspired and optimistic about your path forward.

Participant Comments
“Thanks for presenting a great and much-needed webinar – it was well received”  ORBA

“Your webinar received good ratings – we will do more” AEA-UID
“It left me with unforgettable messages. When I left the workshop I felt different and was very uplifted” – OCA participant
“Dave’s presentation gave us a message of hope” – PTSD Support Group
“Dave’s coaching process provided a place for me to begin, I now see that I have options” – Nunavut manager
“I enjoyed it, I will not think so much about the negative things”

Who should attend this session?
Anyone coping with the stressors at home or at work.  It will help you to create a more positive path forward.

Flyer link  Coping with Stress 2023B.docx

Other Options
2 Half-Day Online Sessions — Only if needed due to work environment – 8:30 to noon

Optional 1/1 Coaching

Customized Sessions and Keynotes Available

NEW Online Public Version – An introduction to the process
8:30 to Noon,  February 7  2024  – Call for details
Using ZOOM – A webcam will be required

Limited spots available so enroll soon



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