Personal Intelligence through Emotional Intelligence Skills

How to build resilience into your life

Dave will share his perspective of the roller coaster ride that is life today. He will provide insights into how to become more resilient when times are tough for you.

Take it from a survivor!  

Dave has dealt with setbacks throughout his life. He has learned the hard way that there are always options, even in the most difficult of situations.  He will share his rise from poverty as a child and lack of a father figure which resulted in many poor choices. Without the ability to share his feelings, he reacted negatively to his situation. He will share how he built his self-esteem when all the cards were stacked against him.  Once he realized that he was in control of much of his life, he started to make better choices. Despite many setbacks, he eventually completed his post secondary education and began his life as a professional speaker.

He will share his proven strategies for staying positive no matter what life hands you. Dave’s sense of humour comes through as he delivers lasting lessons about how you can better deal with life’s struggles. He will leave you inspired. You will feel better about your future!

What you will learn – 3 Steps to a more positive future

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Available as a customized version for your team

Why this Workshop or Keynote  is important

This session will help you to cope with many of the stressors in your life and leave you with a positive path forward in your life.

It is particularly relevant for at risk youth, emergency personnel and care givers.  It can be an important component of any wellness strategy,  which Dave can relate to as well.

It is available in 60-90 minute keynotes, as well as full day  workshops, all customized for the audience.

Participant Comments

  • “Dave’s coaching process provided a place for me to begin. I now see that I have options.”
  • “Dave’s presentation was a message of hope” – PTSD Support Group
  • “I enjoyed it. I will not think so much about negative things in my life.”

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