Conference Speaker – Training Resource

I have been providing customer training and keynote events for over 25 years.   Our Kingston location has worked well for several clients who are holding conferences which bring their participants together from Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa.

Topics – Customized for your organization
Here are a few proven topics to consider for clients who are looking for an affordable professional development resource:

1. NEW – Positively Influencing the Behaviour of Others : Connecting to “The Weapons of Influence” and the hidden motivators in other people.
– Customized for sales or management groups
2. NEW – The Power of Putting People First – The positive impact of respecting and caring about your employees.
3. Improving Employee Engagement through Positive Leadership. – creating a more positive approach for managers and leaders.
4. A Year from Today – positive coping strategies in difficult times.

5. Maximizing Opportunities in a Tough Economy – Three foundations of Service Excellence, leveraging your loyal/engaged loyal customer base.

6. Positively Influencing Prospect’s Behaviour – See above overview
7. Motivation Based Sales training – we can include remote sales coaching prior to the event. To view a sample assessment
8. Sales Insights for Service People – Promoting additional products and services. Ideal for service agents and call centres

And much more, customized for you…

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