Are you seeking to enhance your career or your business?

Do you want to get the best out of your self or your employees?

D.K. Neely and Associates is your partner for leading solutions in employee engagement, motivation, and performance.

We are committed to helping our clients create an engaged, productive, and positive work environment.

Whether in-person or remotely via the internet, we will help you enhance your profitability through a more engaged workforce and a better you!

Creating a More Positive and Engaged Team

dave neely corporate training seminarsAbout Dave Neely

In business since 1988, we specialize in providing tailored in-house processes for our clients. Our current focus is on the crucial topics of Employee Engagement and Emotional Intelligence. We also have considerable expertise in the areas of Effective Presentations, Communication, Leadership Development, Sales and Customer Service to name a few.

Dave Neely, the president, attended Royal Military College, and has a B.A. in Psychology from Queen’s University. He spent 18 years with IBM Canada in the Customer Service and Education Divisions.

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