Talent Management Plus (TMP) – Job Applicant Screening

Assessment-based Internal Applicant Screening

Most companies have a hiring process so complicated that it is difficult to find a great fit.   This can lead to hiring decisions based on biases and gut feelings rather that hiring the whole person.    It can be very costly to hire candidates who don’t have the skills needed to do the job, are poor cultural fits or are unmotivated by the rewards of the position.  By using TMP, we remove the guesswork from finding talent, eliminate wasted time usually associated with hiring, and increase employee motivation.

Ultimately, using TMP helps to eliminate bad hires in four easy steps:

  1. Complete a job benchmark for the open position
  2. Create a unique job link for TMP
  3. Provide the link to all applications and post to job boards
  4. Select the best job-matched candidates

TMP Features Include:

  1. Daily email summary of applicants
  2. Pre-screening interview questions to narrow applicants
  3. Search, filtering and candidate comparison capabilities
  4. Master database that stores applicant resumes and assessment for the required seven years


“We used to have access to Hiring the Best, an assessment tool for recruitment and selection of team members and management within Tim Hortons.  Statistically, this addition to our selection process, decreased the number of bad hires as well as decreasing our overall turnover by a minimum of 5%.  Since this tool is no longer available, we have set up our own assessment tool through TMP (Talent Management Plus).  The benchmarking for positions at Tim Hortons was created, tested and fine tuned.  This is a now an important part of our recruitment and selection process.” – Andrea Payne HR Manager
Agnew Food Services,  Kingston, ON

Ready to Start Eliminating Bad Hires?

Flyer: TMP Flyer (1)
This is particularly ideal for Franchise operations.  Contact us for more information

Why this process is  important

Your organization will save time and resources by selecting candidates who are a good match for the positions you are trying to fill.  It will help you to understand some of the personal differences in those you hire and to create a simple strategy to improve engagement with those employees.

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