Remote Personal Coaching

Improving your Professional Success

Ideal for a Job Search and/or Personal Growth

Individuals who focus their efforts learning to understand their strengths and motivators will be able to enhance their success in the future. This process will help you to achieve this cost effectively, with no expensive class room time.

Remote Skills Development

Dave Neely uses a unique remote coaching process that includes an online behavioural assessment, a 60 minute phone/online coaching session and an optional follow up session which will help an individual to align their approach/style with their environment both at work and at home. It will help you to prepare for many of today’s challenges such as dealing with stress, communication and working in a team environment


The cost for this personal development coaching is $275, plus HST per participant.

View a sample Assessment.

Traditionally this type of coaching has been part of a customized in-house or workshop training program. Remote Coaching provides rapid, productive feedback while saving travel and time away from work.

**New Option Available – Stress Measurement Tool

Who Should Participate

Anyone who wants to invest in their own personal or career growth. You will be more effective by understanding your individual strengths and motivators.

Participant Comments

“Understanding why a person thinks and acts the way they do has helped me to be proactive in preventing problems before they occur.”

“I feel that I learned a lot about myself and how to be more effective. It was interesting and helpful to get a professional verification of my strengths and behavioural styles.”

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