Employee Engagement in a QSR Environment

Insights for Getting the Best out of Your Employees

Recent studies indicate that almost 50% of the workforce is disengaged, which has a significant impact on productivity and results in a negative impact on your bottom line. As part of your planning strategy, our customized processes are designed to help you to increase morale in your workforce and reduce costly staff turnover for your organization.

What you will learn

This workshop will help you to recognize some of the real costs of employee disengagement and the subsequent benefits of employee engagement and retention. We will offer some effective strategies for you to begin to reduce your employee turnover and to improve employee engagement in your organization. If your employees truly are your company’s best asset, then their care and support should be a priority.

Unique Feature

Insights to Success TM – Personal self-awareness tool which provides individual behavioural insights.

Who should Attend

Owners, Supervisors, and Managers in Franchise locations with high employee turnover and/or disengaged employees.

Anyone in a service industry who wants to create engaged and committed employees.

2 day version

Part One – Understanding the impact

  1. Introduction: The Role of a Leader
    – Identification of individual situations
    – Focus on common situations
  2. Three Types of Employees
    – truly engaged, non/partially engaged, actively disengaged
    – application discussion
  3. The Impact on Profitability
    – productivity losses
    – employee turnover costs
    – application discussion
  4. Strategies for Improvement
    – Four Key Steps
    – Application to situations

Part Two – Understanding your employees

  1. Review of Part One: What impact did it have?
  2. Understanding Your Employees
    – Behavioural Styles – The DISC Behavioural Model
    – Tendencies and strengths
  3. The Millennial Generation
    – Understanding who they are
    – Keys to their engagement
    – Application to situations
  4.  Strategies for Improvement
    – Application to situations
  5. Personal Planning and Summary

Video Examples Playlist

Participant comments

“Every Tim Hortons manager, supervisor or owner should
take this.”
“It helped me to re-focus and bring my positive attitude out.”
“Dave’s presentation is extremely personable and anyone will come away with new life positives.”
“I have seen DISC several times and Dave’s presentation was the best.”
“Dave was awesome, he kept me interested the whole time and taught me a lot.”
“Everyone should take this session, not just managers.”

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