Motivation-Based Sales Strategies

Improving your Sales Success

Sales People who focus their efforts and learn to “connect” to their prospect’s inner motivation will guarantee their success in the future. This process matches the fast pace of today’s sales people with results that will help them succeed sooner.

What you will learn

  1. Dealing with Natural Resistance to New Ideas
  2. 4 Behavioural Styles – Selling to different people
  3. 6 Fundamental Motivators – Adapting to your prospect
  4. 6 Steps to Persuade Others – PAIDAY model
  5. 6 Influence Strategies – Meeting Unconscious Needs
  6. Optional – Connecting to the Millennial Generation


Cost $625, plus HST per person
Includes lunch and refreshments
Registration/Coffee at 8:00am
Workshop  8:30 to 4:15 each day

Taking a waiting list for Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston
Flyer: 2017motivation-based-selling

Unique Feature

Insights to Success TM – Personal self-awareness tool which provides individual behavioural insights.

Refer to the Sample Report.

Who Should Attend

  • Sales People, both inside and outside
  • Sales Managers
  • Service People with Sales Opportunities

2 Day Version

  1. Introduction: Identification of sales opportunities
    – Preliminary presentations of opportunities
  2. Dealing with Natural Resistance
    – Strategies for Dealing with Resistance
  3. Understanding Yourself
    – 4 Behavioural Styles – the DISC Model
    – 6 Motivators – the PIAV Model
    – Behaviours and Motivators – Sales Version
  4. Understand Your Prospect
    – Client/Prospect’s Motivation Profile
  5. Six Steps to Persuade Others (PAIDAY)
    – Prepare and adjust to People
    – Catch Attention: W.I.I.F.M.?
    – Arouse Interest: Qualifying, Present Benefits
    – Stimulate Desire: Dealing with Objections
    – Motive Action: 3 Effective Closing Techniques
    – Ensure You Follow Up: Within 30 Days
  6. 6 Influence Strategies
    Unconscious motivators
  7. Bringing it all together
    – Application to real opportunities

Optional discussion topics

Based on the time commitment, we can also cover:

  • 5 Emotional Intelligence Competencies – Engaging the Law of Attraction
  • Selling to the Millennial Generation (GenY)
  • Delivering Effective Sales Presentations

Participant Comments

“I learned more in the first hour or so than in most of the previous sales seminars that I have attended.”

“Based on your training, we have closed 4 recent orders worth $5.0 million dollars. Two of these accounts were competitor strong holds, where we had a very small chance of success. My RSM’s were able to find the “HOT” buttons of these clients and they focused on them until the results were achieved.”

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