Measure Your Workplace Stress

About the Stress Quotient®

Stress-related issues impact the bottom line results of many organizations due to absenteeism, morale and lost productivity. This revolutionary new assessment helps you understand whether or not the stress in your office is dramatically rising and hampering productivity, killing your culture or staying within reasonable levels.

Seven Stress Factors

Our revolutionary stress assessment examines seven different types of stress in individuals:

  1. Demand Stress: Poorly designed jobs, excessive demands or poor job fit
  2. Efforts/Rewards Balance Stress: High output and effort met with minimal reward
  3. Control Stress: High responsibility paired with low authority, and lack of control
  4. Organizational Change Stress: Restructuring, poorly communicated policies and leadership changes
  5. Manager/Supervisor Stress: Enormous pressure or challenges from your superior
  6. Social Support Stress: Lack of support among peers and competitiveness
  7. Job Security Stress: Fear of loss of job or threatened job

Four Main Signs of Stress

  1. Physical: Low energy, aches and pains, frequent illness
  2. Emotional: Irritability, feeling overwhelmed, moodiness
  3. Cognitive: Inability to concentrate, memory problems, poor judgment
  4. Behavioural: Eating or sleeping issues, procrastination, nervous habits


Individual: $100 + tax
Group Report – Combines individuals: $150 + tax
Optional Debriefing available.

Individual Report Stress Individual Sample

Group Report Stress Group Sample

How it works

Stress Quotient® is available in individual and group versions. After participants complete the online assessment, we can produce individual and group reports. Group reports may be done anonymously if preferred. Themes will emerge and help determine in what areas the organization has detrimental stress.

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