Improving the profits in a franchise operation

Insights for Getting the Best Profits from your Business or Franchise

Only 10% of All Companies Produce a Great Profit
Why Don’t You Join That Exclusive Club?

So What’s The Profit Problem?
$ They Don’t Know What Really Drives Profit
$ They Think They Can Cut Price And Make It Up With Volume
$ They Either Don’t Plan or They Plan The Wrong Way
$ They Don’t Know How Much Profit They Are Actually Making

To Increase Your Profit!

You Need a Profit Improvement System.  We offer a book by Dr. Albert D. Bates, the founder and Director of Research for the Profit Planning Group .  He can help you to improve your profits.

  1. A step-by-step book that demonstrates the actions that must be taken to drive higher profits.
  2.  Exhibits that show how every concept works in your firm. The book has twenty-one profit improvement exhibits, all of which will show your actual results.
  3.  A planning template to quickly and easily develop a high-profit plan. This is not a budget, but a roadmap to improved results

An accomplished speaker, Al can add tremendous value to your conferences or franchise meetings.

For more information on how to order this book go to

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