Becoming a More Effective Supervisor

Improving Employee Engagement through Effective Supervision and Leadership

In the current work environment, many employers are dealing with the fact that almost 50% of their employees are disengaged.  The subsequent negative impact on productivity, safety, quality and job satisfaction is costly. Studies indicate that the most important influence on daily engagement is that of a front line supervisor.  This workshop will help you to recognize the importance of being a more positive role model as a supervisor or leader.  It will help you to have more engaged and productive team members.

What you will learn

  1. A better understanding or individual behaviours and sources of motivation.
  2. Key factors that keep people engaged and productive
  3. Adapting to different personality styles
  4. Effective communication techniques
  5. Individual improvement strategyemployee turnover costs

Workshop Content – One day version

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  • The Role of a Supervisor or Leader
  • 3 levels of engagement
  • Potential cost of disengagement
  • The emotional mirroring effect and your role

Behavioural Styles

  • The DISC behavioural model
  • Recognizing others’ styles
  • How does this affect engagement?

Working with Different Styles

  • Adapting to their style preference
  • Understanding tendencies under stress

Effective Communication

  • Levels of listening
  • Barriers to communication
  • Types of questions to use
  • Adapting to style differences

The Engagement Cycle

  • Core engagement elements
  • Building trust
  • 5 Factors that impact engagement
  • Application discussion.



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Who should attend this workshop

Supervisors, managers and leaders in organizations with employee turnover and or disengaged employees. It is ideal for service environments and construction organizations.

Anyone who wants to create and maintain engaged and productive employees.

Participant Comments from Previous Sessions

“It helped me to re-focus and bring my positive attitude out”
“Dave’s presentation is extremely personable and anyone will come away with a new perspective”
” I would recommend Dave to anyone” – Steve C. – Cruickshank Construction


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