A Year from Today!

How to fuel engagement in yourself and others

This keynote is ideal for conferences and employee retreats. Dave will entertain you with his perspective of the roller coaster ride that is life today. He will provide insights into how to become more personally engaged in your life both at work and at home.   He can adapt it for dealing with change, sales success, and much more.

Take it from an expert!

Dave was diagnosed with a walnut-sized brain tumour in May 2010. It took a year for a follow up MRI which confirmed that it was likely benign and nothing to worry about.   Imagine what he got away with when he could blame his mistakes on the “walnut” during that 1 year period. Then in July 2013, Dave was admitted to the Cardiac Ward with Congestive Heart Failure from an undiagnosed heart condition and a year later… the problem was cured.

Dave will share many of his experiences in dealing with employee engagement issues. Dave’s comedic side comes through and he delivers lasting lessons about how you can stay engaged. He will leave you laughing and you will feel better about the future.

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Why this keynote is important

This session will help you to cope with many of the stressors in life today and leave you feeling inspired for the future.

Available in 30-90 minute or full day versions.

Video Example

Participant Comments

“Dave’s presentation was an entertaining, much needed reminder, filled with plenty of humour and tools to help!”

“Dave is an inspiring person to spend an hour with; uplifting and positive”

“I enjoyed it and I will not think so much about negative things in my life”

“I will try to develop a plan for a year from now!”

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