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We are Committed to Helping your Organization Prosper

At D.K. Neely and Associates Inc. we have the tools to educate individuals, employers, and their teams, to help them in producing stronger and more effective relationships, positive and assertive communication, and to bring out their potential as a singular and as a unit. All of this training together with a better understanding of interpersonal dynamics promotes growth in your business, which will clearly be reflected in the improvement of sales and productivity.

Public Workshops

professional development for yourself or your team

We offer scheduled public workshops that are open to team members and individuals in a variety of professional occupations. If you’re looking for a seminar to improve your team dynamic or sales success, participate in one of these workshops.

Online Management Coaching

for leaders, managers or supervisors

We have the expertise to provide individuals with the tools they need to improve their management skills and have a more positive impact on employee engagement.   Our online coaching sessions will transform you for the better.

Online Sales Coaching

sales improvement techniques

We have years of experience providing customized sales training and coaching  for small and large companies, including powerful methods of qualifying prospects and dealing with the price objection.

Emotional Quotient

measure your emotional intelligence

Do you find that your staff have trouble sensing or understanding emotions in colleagues or clients? Do you have trouble communicating with your partner? This assessment will measure the capacity for self-awareness, motivation, and empathy, providing ways to promote improvement in these areas.

The Stress Quotient

measure your workplace stress

Are you finding that you or your staff are stressed at work? Are you stressed at home? Take this assessment to isolate and analyze the contributing factors and to learn of ways to lessen the negative impacts invoked by stress originating in the workplace or at home.

Talent Management

internal applicant screening

Learn how to anticipate reactions from employees, and to understand their disposition towards certain tasks and levels of responsibility. This series of assessments will help isolate and define the talents of individuals to gear your team towards optimum performance and job satisfaction.

About the Tools we Use

For over 15 years we have used the assessments provided by Target Training International Inc. (TTI)

They provide 384 different behavioural style reports rather than the traditional 16 categories.

We have used them with a wide variety of clients and training processes. We have found TTI instruments to be among the most accurate and useful personal development tools in the industry.

Creating an Engaged Team

Studies have shown that the level of employee engagement across North America is abysmal. 50% of employees are disengaged with their work, 20% are actively disengaged, leaving only 30% positively engaged employees.

Dealing with Difficult People

Observations have determined that about 50% of employees are laid back, and having difficulties in the workplace handling the other portion of employees with a more aggressive personality.

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